The Cracker Shack


During the time I was building my tower in Meriwether County, Georgia, I spent the weekends in this old cabin close by my property.  It sits on the property of my friend, Willis Everett, who is the owner of Vintage Lumber Sales in Gay, Georgia.  While we spruced up the inside just a touch, with the help of Interior Designer, Ed Belding, we wanted to keep it very rustic, not to mention I was just renting the house from Willis.


We never shared any photos of this cabin but every time I come across these photos, I forget how much I loved my time spent here.  We would have Friday afternoon site visits of the tower's progress and then grill out here at the Cracker Shack.  

One of the most dog-eared and referenced books in our library is Classic Cracker: Florida's Wood Frame Vernacular Architecture by Ronald W. Haase.  This book illustrates and explains the style of "architecure found on farms and in rural communities."

"The term 'Cracker' originated in Southern Georgia and came into use to designate the backwoods country folk who cracked their corn to make meal."


These were our views surrounding the cabin.

cracker book.jpg

This is a picture from the Classic Cracker book of a home called Haile Plantation and is located in Alachua County, Florida.

All photos were taken by Matthew Ackerman.